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Yamaha Wolverine 450

Yamaha – Wolverine 450 (2006-2010)
Air Filter
by K&N

  • High Air Flow with Excellent Filtration.
  • Designed to Increase Horsepower and Acceleration.
  • Washable and Reusable.
  • Will NOT Void Vehicle Warranty.
  • K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty®.

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Yamaha – Wolverine 450 (2006-2010)
Black Round Pre Filter without Top
by Outerwears

  • Outerwear will ONLY fit K&N: YA-3504
  • Improve efficiency of any high performance or exposed filter.
  • Filters down to .005”
  • Extends service intervals reducing cost and increasing convenience.
  • Water, snow and ice repellant. UV resistant.


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Yamaha – Wolverine 450 (2006-2010)
Foam High Air Flow Filter
by UNI

  • Will NOT Void Vehicle Warranty.
  • Uni Foam Air Filters use polyurethane foam as the filtration media because of it's superior dirt capturing abilities.
  • "Open Cell" Polyurethane Foam is wetted with specially developed filter oil - (NOT INCLUDED).


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Yamaha – Wolverine 450 YFM450FX 4x4 (2006-2008)
Rear SV Severe Duty Brake Pads
by EBC Brakes

  • 1 Brake pad set needed per rotor
  • Brake pad material is high density for ultra-long pad life
  • Causes minimal rotor galling
  • "SV" series pads are a high density version of EBC's "R" pads
  • Very low in rotor abrasion and will not damage your brake rotor

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Yamaha – Wolverine 450 (2006-2010)
Performance Slip On Blackout Exhaust & Blackout End Cap
by HMF Engineering

  • Capable of withstanding up to 1200°F, this ceramic based finish is formulated to withstand the extreme temperatures from an exhaust system. As a result, your exhaust should have less intense exposure to the elements, protecting you for any application or use.
  • The HMF Performance Series has a specially designed, unrestricted core that allows the exhaust to increase power evenly throughout the entire power curve which features the signature HMF sound.
  • The slip on systems will feature a ceramic coated inlet and end cap while the full and 3/4 systems will also have a ceramic coated head pipe.

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Yamaha – Wolverine 450 (2006-2010)
Performance Slip On Brushed Aluminum Exhaust & Brushed End Cap
by HMF Engineering

  • The Performance Series uses a 2 1/8" non-restrictive core for maximum flow.
  • Depending on the model, you can expect a 4-6 dB increase over stock.
  • The exhaust shell is made of T6061 Aluminum that weighs substantially less than stock.

$324.00 $359.95

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Yamaha – Wolverine 450 (2006-2010)
Basic Jet Kit
by HMF Engineering

  • Re-jetting will provide the best air/fuel ratio after installing an HMF exhaust.
  • OEM jets. Keihin jets for Keihin carburetors and Mikuni jets for Mikuni carburetors.
  • Baseline jetting as well as smaller and larger jets included to accommodate changes in altitude or humidity.

$27.00 $29.95

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Yamaha – Wolverine 450 YFM450FX 4x4 (2006-2009)
Center Plow Mounting Kit with Quick Release
by Warn Industries

  • Mounting plate remains attached to the ATV and becomes a structural component adding rigidity to the ATV during plowing operations
  • Designed for high ground clearance and quick installation or removal
  • Placement is forward of the foot pegs to avoid any reduction of ground clearance or operating interference


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