Best UTV Windshields for Off-road

Literally, the most important thing you have to do when you're ripping your UTV through the woods is seeing. Regardless of how great of a driver you are, you're not going very far without a clear line of sight. For help on reference, we go through some of the best UTV Windshields in the industry, giving you the skinny on all the various types you can use.


Deciding what type of windshield you want can be influenced by a lot of different factors, with the price being one of them. Fortunately, UTV windshields come in different shapes and sizes that are available in various materials like polycarbonate, Lexan, and acrylic.

Choose one that best suits your specific needs based on the type of UTV you own and what kind of function and environment it will be used in. Choosing the best material can help improve your driving experience, make you more comfortable, and even improve your safety. With Lexan, you get more impact resistance—but 'it's also more prone to scratching. It all depends on what kind of activities you plan and your budget.

Polycarbonate (Lexan)

Polycarbonate is going to be the most popular material for side by side windshields. Polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass, making it virtually indestructible. Since we take our vehicles through the roughest terrain, polycarbonate is a favorable choice for protection from extreme weather, flying debris, or vandalism.

Polycarbonate is essentially the most durable windshield material you're going to get. It's stronger than acrylic, making it a must for anyone planning on facing flying gravel or serious off-roading. Polycarbonate is going to give you that brute force you need.

In tests, polycarbonate stood up to a beating with a hammer, slingshot and baseball bat with only bends and scrapes. Acrylic, however, remained shiny but eventually cracked or shattered. Polycarbonate is used in racecar windshields, bulletproof glass, machine guard glass, and laptop computers.

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Acrylic (Lucite)

Acrylic is a transparent plastic material with outstanding strength, stiffness, and optical clarity. It's 4-5 times stronger than glass with superior weathering properties, compared to many other transparent plastics. Acrylic has a shinier appearance than polycarbonate, which can cause glare in sunny regions.

However, for those who prefer aesthetics over functionality, that shine can be a good thing. Acrylic is more prone to cracking and yellowing. If you plan on spoiling your UTV and want to save some cash with the initial windshield installation, acrylic is the way to go. Other common uses for acrylic include aquariums, hockey rinks, and storm windows.


Hinged UTV Windshields conveniently fold, allowing for use in either the up or down position. The hinged windshields are typically a little more expensive, but when you think about the extra function and ability you'll have, it's definitely worth it.

QuadBoss offers hinged windshields, manufactured from premium 0.177 thick optically clear polycarbonates. The UTV Windshield for the Honda Pioneer 1000 features a hinge that will convert it to a foldable windshield, allowing for use in the up or down position. Installation and function is a breeze with QuadBoss with no tools required, so it's really convenient.

Kolpin has a few hinged windshields that are hard coated with 1/4" abrasive-resistant polycarbonate with a scratch-resistant finish. Since you're absolutely going to go through trees and brush, scratch resistance is critical. Their windshields are also easy to install with no tools required.

Half Fixed

Half windshields are an excellent alternative to a full windshield in muddy and dusty conditions. When the half windshield gets dirty, you can still see to drive until you can clean it.

If you don't need the whole windshield, and you're okay with half, QuadBoss offers the same windshield without the hinge. A stand-alone half attaches to the frame and provides the equal protection you can trust from QuadBoss.

Seizmik windshields are available in 0.2220" optically clear, uncoated or two-side hard-coated polycarbonate. Installation is effortless with Seimik because they feature turn knobs to install it right to the side by side. Their windshields are made of super-durable glass-filled nylon and feature innovative windshield vents, designed for defogging. That's one of the most significant features from Seizmik and other brands, the defogging really helps out when the weather gets dreadful. And because they are gasket sealed, you never have to worry against water intrusion. The fully adjustable easy-to-use lever allows for variable airflow, and each windshield comes with two vents.

Seizmik features half-fixed windshields that are 0.220in thick, with infinite resistance to weathering and UV. It features a 92% light transmission and is more abrasion resistant than polycarbonate. Shatter strength is up to 24 times that of laminated glass, acrylic is the lowest cost material available for UTV windshield applications.
Seizmik windshields also attach with QuickFit rubber-backed straps, so like others, no tools are needed.

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Full Fixed

Full Fixed UTV Windshields are designed to cover the entire front of your UTV. Since it's fixed, it'll always be in the same position. Installation is relatively simple, but it's not something you can do on the fly like a hinged shield.

Kolpin offers a complete line of UTV windshields including premium glass, full-tilting, full-fixed and half windshields. Available for popular UTVs models (Maverick, RZR, Commander, Wildcat), Kolpin 's Full Fixed Hard-Coated Windshields are made from .236" THICK GE Lexan Polycarbonate with abrasive-resistant & scratch-resistant MR-10 coating on each side. Compatible with most after-market roofs too, so you "after marketers" can breathe a sigh of relief. All of the edges on the windshield are super-smooth, with extremely durable custom nylon injected clamps included.

National Cycle Full-Size Wash'n'Wipe 3D Windshield for sport and utility UTVs gives you complete coverage against the wind, rain, and mud. What's really cool is the high quality, heavy-duty washer/wiper motor that comes preassembled and installed. Now, all you have to do is push a switch, and your windshield is clean again! You'll wonder how you lived without it! National Cycle thick polycarbonate provides outstanding strength and impact resistance, and National Cycle exclusive Quantum® Hardcoating delivers unbeatable scratch resistance. This windshield features 3D-formed curvature rather than the traditional flat windshield. The benefits of a 3D-formed windshield are striking good looks, a beautiful cockpit view, and substantial added rigidity, which is particularly noticeable in full-size windshields.

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Full Tilt

A Full Title windshield gives you versatility by offering varying positions for tilt, allowing for more airflow with protection. Most of the time, you'll have one or two points in which you can get about a 15-degree tilt, just enough for the right amount of airflow.

Kolpin features full title windshields that have a versatile three-position tilt mechanism that permits airflow into the driver compartment if desired. The tilt mechanism is designed for cooling the airflow in warm temperatures. One thing to remember about these windshields is the speed you're going and the position it's in. The open positions are designed for low-speed airflow only, but high-speed riding and trailering require the windshield to be in the fully closed position. Full tilt windshields are easy to install and come complete with all mounting hardware & detailed instructions.

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