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Aftermarket Parts Guide

If you’re a regular off-road rider, the world of aftermarket parts is no stranger to you. If you just purchased your first UTV or ATV and you’re looking to set sail on the rocky trails, welcome aboard.

9" 35W HID Flood Light by Sanmak

Biggest Impact: LED Lights

When it comes to lighting your vehicle, what you see is literally what you get. There are a ton of light manufacturers out there in the off-road world that promise all the same thing, great LED lights. Most LED lights are constructed with rugged, dust and waterproof housings which come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and lighting configurations.

Serious racers that ride in some of the most decadent places may consider Rigid Industries as their light source. These premium lights not only cast an amazingly bright light across your view, but they withstand the most ruthless environment. They’ve been crushed, smashed and beaten to showcase their durability. When it comes to your safety, Rigid Lights are by the far best lights on the market.

If your lighting needs are a little bit more conservative, Sanmak Lights are a great way to light up your machine without breaking the bank. Sanmak Lights produces an excellent source of light, and they’re pretty durable under most riding conditions.

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Our Recommendations

GBC Kanati Tires, 8 Ply

Best Value: Tires & Wheels

One of the best places to start when beginning to soup up your vehicle is at the wheels and tires. It's a great place to get your feet wet, and it has a huge impact on the way your machine looks and rides. Tread pattern is the most essential characteristic of any off-road tire. GBC Tires feature unique tread pattern designs, some are proprietary designs that offer unique handling characteristics you simply can’t get with alternatives. Tire height, width and spacing of the lugs all define how the tire handles in different terrains.

Wide Lugs Excel on soft surfaces
Tall, Wide Lugs Allows your machine to dig through deep mud.
Short, Tight Lugs Good for hard surfaces like tracks.

Off-road wheels are limited by material. Steel wheels have heavy-duty durability, their construction is consistent, and they offers better resistance to dirt, sand, and other elements. A set of cast alloy wheels are a bit more flexible by construction, and offer more air flow to the brakes with a rust-resistant shine. Method Wheels has a huge selection of alloy wheels that are known in the off-road industry as a premium wheel.

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Recommended Brands

ATV Rear Trail Box

Quick & Easy: Luggage and Storage

One of the easiest and most important aftermarket additions to any off-road vehicle is it's storage capability. Whether you're going camping, hunting or exploring, you'll need a convenient and effective way to carry important tools, equipment and resources. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of products that can fit a large range of functions.

Trail boxes and heavy-duty storage bags can be large or small, capable of carrying big loads on long rides. Pelican offers heavy-duty coolers and storage boxes that are designed to take an absolute beating. Many of their storage boxes and coolers have been certified "bear-proof". That, is about as tough as it gets.

PRP is a great off-road brand that offers heavy-duty bags that can be used in a number of different applications. Steel storage like gun and luggage racks from Kolpin are perfect for a specific purpose and provide multiple cargo tie-down points.

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HMF Dual Full Exhaust System

Biggest Project: Performance

Performance aftermarket modifications aren't for the faint at heart. A lot of the performance modifications made to ATVs and UTVs, like exhausts or clutches, require quiet a bit of knowledge and some technical know-how to properly install and setup.

Exhaust systems are typically the best place to start when making performance upgrades. Most slip on systems bolt right up to the stock head pipe and can instantly increase power and torque. HMF Engineering develops high end aftermarket exhaust systems that are built to maximize performance while adding the durability necessary to ride aggressively off-road. They make systems for hundreds of ATVs and UTVs, so finding a system that fits your application should be a breeze.

Keep in mind, whenever you change the exhaust system, you're actually changing the way the air flows through the machine, thus changing the air-to-fuel ratio. Recalibrating the fuel system is typically required, whether that's via carburetor jets or electronic fuel maps (EFI).

One of the quicker ways of giving your machine some more performance is with aftermarket air filters. K&N and Outerwears together work a great deal of magic on your machine's intake. You'll see a big increase in air flow and the Outerwears filter helps keep dust and debris out of the engine.

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Recommended Brands

Defender HD Front Bumper - HMF Engineering

Best Investment: Armor & Protection

Machines today can cost well over $30,000, so it only makes sense that you’re going to want to protect it. Fortunately there’s a plethora of various protective products that will ensure your machine continues to run, even in the instance of a crash.

Bumpers from HMF Engineering and Warn Industries are an excellent and cost effective way to protect the front or rear of your vehicle. Aftermarket bumpers are typically manufactured from steel that’s stronger and lighter than stock material. Even better, these bumpers offer function like towing, winching and grabbing that will expand your vehicle’s capabilities.

That stronger, lighter material philosophy carries over to other portions of the vehicle. Products like Fender Protectors, A-Arm Armor, and Chassis Armor help protect vital areas of the machine that stock often leaves untouched.

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Recommended Brands

4500lb capacity winch - Warn

Best Function: Winches & Towing

Many riders out there use their off-road vehicles for work, so having the ability to grab, pull and tow is very important. Even in an emergency, being able to pull and tow your way out of dicey situation can be the difference between getting home early and getting home at all.

Winches are by far one of the most important and versatile pieces of equipment you can strap on to your off-road vehicle. Warn Industries has a large selection of winches available that vary in load capacity, rope material and rope length. Ranging from a 2000lbs - 4500lbs tow capacity, Warn winches also come in either wire, steel or synthetic cables. Superwinch also offers heavy-duty winches that offer the same tow capability with a synthetic cable and aluminum fairlead.

The majority of the time, pulling isn't the only task at hand. Often you'll need to pull or haul, and to do that, you'll need a Hitch & Receiver. Kolpin offers hitches and receivers that are vary in length, built from steel with varying hook up points and styles.

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Black Folding & Adjustable 4" Convex Side Mirror

The Little Things

It's sort of cliche to say it, but the little upgrades on any vehicle can truly make the biggest difference. Aftermarket parts like mirrors, accessory clamps, dash panels, etc can really make the ride that much more comfortable.

When you really think about it, every single time you ride your vehicle you're going to be using your seat. If I am constantly sitting in this seat, I want it to be comfortable. Beard has some great aftermarket seats that are comfortable and durable. They offer seats in various colors, and their right on point with their price.

You wouldn't believe the difference a new set of mirrors would make to your riding experience. They offer a wider range of view, come in various shapes and colors, and can be mounted virtually anywhere on the machine. ModQuad has a great selection of mirrors that are available in a wide range of colors that will help eliminate most of the blind spots on your machine.

Always remember, we're all out on the trails to have a good time and enjoy the outdoors. Be prepared and be safe out there.

Recommended Brands

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