RZR XP 1000 Parts Guide

The Polaris RZR XP 1000 is undoubtedly the most popular UTV around. It has blown the lid off the side x side industry and some owners are already taking it to the next level. In this guide, we'll go over some popular aftermarket mods that are available for the RZR.

DragonFire RacePace Flying V

RZR® Armor

There are a number of aftermarket manufacturers out there that developed some great defense equipment for the Polaris® RZR. Front bumpers, rear bumpers, intrusion bars, and skid plates are just some of the many options that can add an incredible amount of protection. This can be vital to your machine's longevity so it's a very good idea to consider some armor products to protect your investment.

HMF, who’s known in the industry for the aftermarket exhaust systems, has an entire product lineup of defense equipment known as IQ Equipment. They developed several different bumpers and defense equipment for the Polaris RZR that can handle varying tasks. All of their bumpers are built from .095" wall steel tubing and offer an increased form of protection, while adding an incredible look to the front of the machine. Choose from their line of Front Bumpers, Rear Bumpers, and Intrusion Bars to get a complete protection setup on your machine. When we worked with their bumpers on a build, we were impressed with their Defender HD Front Bumper. It's HMF's largest bumper with a wider range of protection, and the ability house a winch for recovery. Regardless of the bumper you choose, HMF offers a good deal on price and is backed by a name in the industry that's been known for quality products.

If you're considering some other manufacturers, take a look at DragonFire's line of UTV Bumpers. Like HMF, they design front bumpers, rear bumpers and intrusion bars that offer the same level of protection as HMF. Their design is a bit different, which is great because it gives you a solid choice of bumpers to choose from. We particular like their RacePace line of bumpers. The RacePace Rear Bumper is a lightweight steel construction offers corner-to-corner protection from impacts and keeps vital components safe. Installation is a breeze because it utilizes stock holes and clamps directly to the RZR frame, so there is no cutting or welding required. DragonFire uses stylized with laser cut gussets and billet end caps to make their bumpers attractive, while keeping them lightweight.

DragonFire also makes an intrusion bar called the RacePace Flying V that is designed to protect against objects entering the cockpit while adding stability and style. This bar is fairly lightweight and is built from strong tubular steel that is powder coated to match stock RZR color schemes. This is a great option for aggressive riders that still have the stock RZR cage.

If you're looking for something that has a ton of functionality, then take a look at Warn Industries. They are the masters when it comes to towing and recovery equipment, so their experience has led them to develop some of the coolest bumpers on the marketing. Their bumpers are built from laser-cut, powder-coated steel that stands up to the elements and resists corrosion. The stylish contour ensures a precise fit, and they're designed to fold down for access to the hood. Even better, their bumpers are Warn Industries winches, winch mounting systems, plow systems and has pre-drilled holes for Warn Industries trail lights. If you're looking for one brand to handle your bumper needs, then Warn Industries is a clear front runner.

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Cognito Steel UTV Cage

RZR® Roofs & Cages

A lot of RZR XP 1000 drivers out there are putting a lot of various products on their machine to make it even sleeker, and really, even more like an off-road truck. Many manufacturers out there are doing the same thing, so the beauty of it is that there are a lot different products to choose from that can easily bolt right on the RZR.

Since most of the RZR XP 1000 models don't come with a roof, riders are turning to aftermarket brands like Kolpin, Pro Armor, and Cage Wrx to help add more structure to the RZR. If you're looking to keep things simple and lightweight, Kolpin makes a heavy-duty, linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) UTV roof for the RZR that is lightweight and fits perfectly onto the stock frame.

Now you might be looking for a roof that can withstand the elements while being as lightweight as possible. Pro Armor has a marine grade vinyl roof that can help protect you and your passenger so you can enjoy a full day of riding. The roof itself has UV protection and a water repellent, with a front zipper mount to prevent the fabric from flapping while driving. We like this roof on our casual rides because it doesn't add any structural durability but it helps keep us comfortable as we ride all day.

For the big players in the industry, a completely brand new fabricated cage may be the way to go. CageWrx and Cognito Motosports are two brands that are the way to go when you have a new cage in mind. CageWrx designs and manufacture steel frames with aluminum roofs that are fully welded and bolt-on to your RZR XP 1000. The main tube size is 1.75" diameter and .095" thick. The cross tubes are 1.25" in diameter and utilize all the stock mounting points. These frames are designed for serious racers, so every aspect of the design is intended to take the most brutal conditions.

Cognito Motosports manufacturers UTV cages out of Steel that, like CageWrx, is a direct bolt-on upgrade from the factory. Their cage for the Polaris RZR is 4" lower than the stock frame and includes an aluminum roof, with rear view mirror mounts, 2 whip mounts, and pre drilled inserts for Light Bar Mounting Kits.

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PCI 2-Way Radio Intercom Kit

Audio & Electronics

You'd be surprised the amount of audio equipment you can add to your Polaris® RZR® XP 1000 XP 1000">Polaris® RZR® XP 1000. From digital gauges, light switches, communication and audio equipment, these machines are getting decked out for a fully customized machine. Some of the top name brands in the electronics industry are pushing into the UTV market to help meet the demands of RZR riders.

A top name in off-road and marine audio systems is Boss Audio. They are, by far, one of the biggest players in the market with audio equipment that not only sounds great, but is built to withstand the extreme conditions we often face on the off-road. As a value-based line, Boss Audio products are affordably priced with one of the best warranties in the industry. On the Polaris® RZR® XP 1000, Boss has 14" Sound Bars all the way up to 46" Overhead Sound Bars with bluetooth capabilities, making it effortless to connect to your mobile device.

If you're not in the market for a sound bar, they even have smaller roll cage speakers that are available in a 6.5" and 8" speaker, making them ideal for UTVs. Like most of Boss's audio equipment, they are bluetooth enabled and are waterproof for a perfect fit for the offroad.

One thing a lot of riders like to do while they're driving is communicating with their passengers. If you're in a vigorous off-road race, communicating with your co-pilot could be the difference between finishing first and finishing at all. PCI Race Radios is the premier brand for intercom and helmet radios. Their race radios feature elite intercom systems that feature push to talk buttons. They also have HJC helmets that are wired for communication exclusively wired for PCI Communications. They're lightweight, comfortable, and very affordable with a soft and removable interior.

Warn 3500lb Winch

Towing & Recovery

You need to be prepared for that moment when you find yourself stuck in the mud. With the proper recovery items installed, you'll never have to worry about being the one who holds everyone up. The Polaris® RZR® XP 1000 is perfectly capable of pulling and towing big loads, so the options you have are pretty vast.

If you're thinking Warn® for your RZR, the Vantage Winch is a perfect choice. This industry-leading winch is the ultimate recovery tool with, durable wire or synthetic ropes with a powerful magnet motor, all-metal gear end housing, and variable pulling capacities. A little sense of luxury is included with the illuminated dash-mounted control switch and corded remote. Ride with confidence knowing you’ve got the muscle to get out of a stuck situation.

If Warn isn't something you're looking at, then Kolpin features a center-spool design with internal gearing specifically designed for plowing. The all steel, 3-stage planetary gear train allows for reliability & a smooth operation. They have weather resistant sealed drums and motor with a ergonomic dial for free spooling-to-clutch engagement. Kolpin winches are pre-wound with a 50' steel cable, a 4-way roller fairlead, a mounting plate and hardware.

Now with these winches, you'll need to mount them to your RZR in order for them to work properly. The Kolpin Winch Mount is made with 7 gauge steel and is designed for recreational ATV and UTV riders, hunters, outdoorsmen, and landowners. Designed to fit Kolpin, Cycle Country and other branded aftermarket winches with common bolt patterns. Sturdy line of winch mount kit provides the hardware necessary to mount a winch to your vehicle. Kolpin Winch Systems provide honest value and rugged dependability so you can get the maximum usability from your ATV or Side x Side vehicle.

The Polaris® RZR® XP 1000 doesn't come stock with a hitch, so for towing, you're going to need to look into hitches. DragonFire has an H.D. Rear Receiver Hitch that gives you the ability to tow while doubling up as a rear end frame gusset/support brace which ties the rear frame rails together. The hand welded, laser cut and formed steel design fits standard 2" hitches & rated for a 300lb tongue weight.

Another top brand in hitches is KFI. They're a bit more on the affordable end, and unlike all other mount competitors, KFI Hitches, Receivers and Mounts are metal bead blasted before they are powder coated for the best possible finish prep. They're constructed of 3/16" Grade 50 steel and are super easy to install. ModQuad also has a 2" Receiver Hitch Mount that is made from a 3/16" steel plate that is gusseted for extra strength. It is compatible with all 2" receivers, uses a 6 point mounting system, and replaces the stock rear differential plate.

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