Polaris RZR Bumper Guide

There's one certainty when you're riding through the off-road; You're going to run into things. Taking a 1000cc Polaris RZR barreling through the woods is going create some interesting scenarios. The best way to guard against these scenarios is to load your vehicle up with aftermarket armor and protection.

IQ Defender Front Bumper

HMF Racing

One of the top manufacturers in UTV bumpers is HMF Engineering. They've been know in the industry for their high-performance after market exhaust systems, but in the past 5 years they've shown their diversity with their IQ Defense Equipment lineup. Their IQ UTV bumpers, apex bars, and spare tire carriers are constructed from .095" wall steel tubing, mig-welded and powder coated your machine's color for UV protection and scratch resistance.

What's great about the stuff HMF makes is how it mounts to the frame. With most of their IQ bumpers, they simply mount using a tube clamp or directly in a stock mounting location. For the Polaris RZR, HMF manufactured a huge selection of front bumpers, rear bumpers, intrusion bars and cargo racks. They have three different types of front bumpers that are available in a ton of different colors. We defintely found that HMF's IQ Equipment lineup offered all the options we needed to make our RZR exactly how we wanted it.

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DragonFire Racing

DragonFire is a huge name in the off-road world, manufacturing a ton of various aftermarket bolt-on parts for the Polaris® RZR. One thing that separates DragonFire armor from other manufactures is the design style. They used a lot of various bends in their tubing to achieve a unique look. While a lot of other manufacturers follow the contour of the vehicle with straight angles, DragonFire uses smooth, intricate bends that look super cool when installed.

When it comes to the RZR, they have rear bumpers, and intrusion bars that have a great look to them. Our favorite bumper from DragonFire is their RacePace Rear Bumper. It is powder coated in a few different colors, black, blue, lime squeeze, and orange. It has a very lean and aggressive design that matches the style of the RZR. Not to be sold short, their RacePace Flying features another form of protection from a solid brand name.

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Known for their custom cages, CageWrx is a strong name in the off-road racing world. They've been around for a long time and have seen it all when it comes to the hardest races in the world. Tackling the Baja 1000 and racing at a high-level, CageWrx used that real world experience to build some of the best cages, bumpers and roofs in the industry. If you're looking to add a rugged, raw look to your Polaris RZR, CageWrx may be the way to go.

Like a lot of manufactures, CageWrx bumpers are completely bolt-on bumpers. They are constructed of high grade steel that is extremely strong and lightweight. We weren't able to use their other bumpers, but their aluminum front bumper for the Polaris RZR® is super durable. The junctions are reinforced, the mounting brackets are extra thick, and it comes with an aluminum skid plate. One of the highlights of this bumper is it's compact size. CageWrx kept the bumper pretty tight to the frame, so it's very streamlined and effective at the same time. They're real solid on price point too, so if you're in the market for this type of UTV bumper, CageWrx is the way to go.

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Warn Industries

Warn Industries

Alright, so let's get utility. Let's say you have a RZR that's built for work. There's not a lot of playing involved with your RZR. It's a bare bones, down and dirty, "let's get the job done" kind of machine. Warn is supreme when it comes to utility durability. So if you're looking to get yourself setup with a plow and maybe a winch for hauling, Warn has you set. Their plows have a tapered design with aggressively curved profile to move snow or dirt up and away from the surface you're clearing. Made from thick 11-gauge steel with extra-heavy ribbing for added rigidity, the boxed design adds further support and is built to take on maximum work load.

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The Melting Pot

There a lot of after market manufacturers out there like Nelson Racing Products, KFI Products, Cognito and Assault Industries that focus on developing bumpers strictly for some of the RZR. Instead of offering a huge selection of various bumpers on various models, these manufacturers went the focused, artisan route. If you have a Polaris RZR, you're in luck. There's a big selection of focused bumpers from these manufacturers that will definitely get you where you want to be.

Nelson Racing has this incredible Black Front Sway Bar Bumper Kit that is beautiful and lightweight. It's a bit high on price point, but it's because of the outstanding quality and attention to detail. Rear tube houses a sway bar that connects to front lower a-arms and includes everything needed to bolt sway bar kit to a-arms. Cognito has a pretty straight forward bumper that's pretty well priced. Cognito is huge into offroad racing, so there's that trust factor when you're selecting your name brands. Cognito front bumper is a bolt on solution that is light weight enough for the recreation user and tough enough for mild racing situations to offer some adequate protection.

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