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The Maverick X3 Parts Guide

The Can-Am® Maverick X3 has blown the lid off the Side X Side industry and now it’s your turn to take it to the next level. RPO Powersports has all the hottest and most wanted Maverick X3 upgrades, aftermarket parts and accessories you’ve all been waiting for!

Defender Front Bumper | HMF IQ Equipment


A brand new Can-Am® Maverick X3 starts at $22,900, so protecting your investment seems like a smart decision. There are a number of aftermarket manufacturers out there that developed some great defense equipment for the X3. Front bumpers, rear bumpers, intrusion bars, and skid plates are the quickest and easiest way to add an incredible amount of protection.

HMF, who’s known in the industry for the aftermarket exhaust systems, has an entire product lineup of defense equipment known as IQ Equipment. The HMF Defender Front Bumper for the X3 features a 3/16” aluminum skid plate with 6” hole spacing for a fairlead, a winch mount, and a built-in LED light bar mount.

DragonFire Racing manufactures their Race Pace Front Bumper for the Can-Am Maverick X3 that has a lean and aggressive design that matches the hood design on the X3. It features rigid mounting points with billet end caps and the DragonFire logo.

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Billet Back Plate | HMF IQ Equipment

Body & Frame

There are a lot of improvements that can be made to the body and frame of the X3. When it comes to the body & frame, the steel tubing offers great mounting points to add whatever function you'll need. HMF developed a huge line of X3 parts to bolt on to the X3 frame. DragonFire makes a sweet Instrusion Bar that is designed to protect and not limit any visibility.

The stock A-Arm mounting points are a little weak, so it's best to upgrade that as soon as possible. HMF developed a Gusset Kit to reinforce the stock A-Arm mounting points. While you're at it, there are several different types of plates you can add to the rear if you want to haul. HMF developed a pull plate that also adds reinforcement but also features the ability to pull from the rear and supplies a good tie-down point.

When I go off-road, I typically need room to carry some cargo. Unfortunately, the Can-Am® Maverick X3 doesn’t have much room for cargo. Dragon Fire and HMF both developed a rear cargo rack that serve different purposes. DragonFire Racing is real sleek because it can hold up to a 32” tire with a ratchet strap (sold separately) and easily unlocks and lifts for cargo area access. HMF’s cargo rack is a stationary race that acts as a tailgate to strap down cargo from one destination to the other. Either brand is going to get you quality, the decision just happens to be what functionality you need.

Boss Audio 46" Overhead Soundbar with Bluetooth


One of the best things about owning a side by side vehicle is the fact that you can install some of the baddest electronics on the market. There's room to install some great communication, speaker and GPS systems to make your X3 that much better.

As we know, sound matters. When you can change how your ride sounds, that changes everything. Boss Audio is an elite speaker brand that offers incredible sound that's built to withstand the grueling terrain the off-road. When tricking out the X3 for speakers, you can choose from individual speakers or a sound bar. The 46” Overhead Sound Bar with bluetooth is by far the premium choice. It features a Weather Proof IPX5 Rated 8" Poly Injection Cone Woofer and a two pair Weatherproof IPX5 Rated 6.5" High Output 2-Way Speakers.

For a lot of riders, communication is key if you plan on doing any sort of competitive racing. PCI Radios are a complete in car and two-way radio communications with helmet wiring kits for two seats.. The 4 Link Pro Elite Intercom comes standard with great features like digitally controlled squelch, noise cancellation and automatically muting music when you speak into the microphones.

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3 x 3 Latch & Link 5-point harness | Beard


Even though the X3's interior is pretty decked out from the factory, there’s still areas in which you can improve on, like Seats. DragonFire Racing has a set of X3 seats that sits higher to add room and increased visibility, and feature a vented rear section for water, dirt and sand to pass through. Combine that with a 3x3 Latch & Link 5-Point Safety Harness from Beard Seats, and you’ll have a seat/belt combination that’s going to keep you comfortable, last you the life of your X3, and eliminate the danger of being ejected from the vehicle in the event of a rollover.

Looking at the X3 dash panel, you might find yourself wanting a little better look and material. ModQuad makes a few billet aluminum dash panels that look pretty nice and mounts easily with the stock hardware. Another cool accessory is their Shift Knob that’s anodized black with a laster engraved logo and machined pockets.

Whether it’s an X3 or any other off-road side by side, I can’t stress enough the importance of more mirrors. When you’re on the trails, you’re going to find yourself in situations where you need every angle to make the best decision. Axia Alloys has a 17” Panoramic Rearview mirror that offers the widest non-distorted viewing angle of any mirror on the market.

Gorilla Whips LED Whips


One of the most enjoyable part of owning an off-road vehicle is adding all sorts of accessories. Most accessories are relatively inexpensive, and they can really make the biggest impact.

From the factory, the X3 has nylon strap door handles that are really annoying. I remember getting in the X3 for the first time and being impressed with each detail, and then taken back when I saw these door handles. Fortunately, HMF manufactured the IQ Easy-Grip Door Handle that easily installs and makes opening the X3 doors a breeze.

How about some whip lights? Not only do you stay safe on the dunes or trails, they look killer at night when the good times begin. No other LED lighting system can match the brightness, the color options, and the overall strength and durability of the Gorilla Whips LED Xtreme Series Whips or Glow Kits.

New mirrors can make a big difference when you're riding. If you’re looking for a convex mirror glass, DragonFire Racing has their Defender SS Mirrors that are super reliable. They feature a pivot mechanism that allows the mirrors to move out of the way for trail or trailer hazards, then quickly returned to the original position.

Other riders looking for a flat lens should look at ModQuad. Their Billet Aluminum Side Mirrors feature a 3/16” thick safety glass mirror, with a new bracket with breakaway feature that allows the mirror to push out of the way if it is hit while moving.

2.5 Podium | Fox Shocks


HMF has a complete line of performance exhausts, tunes and ECU flashes that will crank up the horse power and torque, while delivering an incredible exhaust tone.

The aluminum Performance Series picked up 6 HP and 4lb/ft TQ and the stainless steel Titan Series picked up 5-7 horsepower with 4-5lb/ft torque, depending on the option. The Performance Series has a 10-12dB increase, the Titan-XL has an 8-9dB louder than stock. For those looking for a completely open exhaust, they even developed a muffler-delete system that is loud and punishing.

With every HMF exhaust, there's a tuning solution to manage the air to fuel ratio on your engine. The HMF Optimizer is a Fuel-Injection Controller that has been pre-programmed with the proper tuning specifications for your HMF exhaust. You must retune your machine when you're adding an exhaust system, so not tuning your machine will void the warranty of your exhaust.

When it comes to performance shocks, Fox 2.5 Podium Internal Bypass front shocks are the elite set. A direct replacement for your stock UTV, 2.5 Podium Shocks from Fox are build to improve performance at variable temperatures and completely change the way you handle your X3.

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